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I have been away from the antenna mount business for about 2 years. Many reasons, none of them super serious. But, now I am back to selling antenna mounts, and spending much more time with the business.

Changes have been made in our prices, and in the manufacturing of the mounts. I have reduced the price of most of the mount assemblies by $10.00, to $64.95. I did this by finding a very good price for trimming the mount blocks from the extrusions, thanks to Precon, a great machine shop in Anaheim. Then I determined that I can do the corner rounding, champhering, and hole drilling myself. The mounts now have a 1/2"-13 anchor bolts, which is slightly cheaper than the 9/16" bolt, and fits the pre-drilled holes found in some makes of trucks. So, the mounts are a little easier to install on some trucks. I leave the grounding area at the top of the mount bare aluminum, instead of chem-film, which saves about $1.50 per mount in the anodizing process. I do not drill anchor bolts any more, though they are still available on request. There are openings in all stake pockets to route the coax out of the pocket. Slots along the side of the mount allow for easy installation by placing the coax into the slots while inserting the mount. Aluminum pipe spacers are less expensive than stainless washers for adjusting the height of the mount in deeper stake pockets.

On the other hand, everything I purchase for the mount parts goes up in price. SO-239 connectors have nearly doubled in price since the Earthquake in Japan. Apparently the Japanese government revalued their currency. I still make the coupling nuts out of 5/8" stainless steel myself. I just can't find anything under about $7.00 in batches of 100 to replace that part.

There will come a time when the prices will increase, but for now I will try to hold them where they are. After all, this is a recession, and unlike most greedy companies in the world, I don't think we should have to pay more when we make less.


FORD STAKE POCKET DEPTH ISSUE -  Stake pockets on many 2011 and some previous year model full size Fords measure up to 7.75 inches deep.  Ford may be changing over to having all of their stake pockets this new depth. I accommodate the extra depth with a new heavy duty aluminum spacer made from Schedule-80 aluminum pipe. You are still able to use our mounts, with no loss of strength. Of course it is very important to measure the depth of the pocket prior to ordering.

2007 TUNDRA STAKE POCKET SIZE CHANGE -  Newer model Late 2006 and models made thereafter, use the same mount as the Post-2000 Dodge trucks, and all full size Ford trucks.  Order the 'D' series of mount if you stake pocket is about 1.6"x2.2".

A VERY BIG THANK YOU TO MANY WHO HAVE REFERRED NEW CUSTOMERS, OR WHO HAVE LEFT POSITIVE COMMENTS ABOUT OUR MOUNTS ON VARIOUS WEB SITES. Recently I was looking up a listing for stake pocket antenna mounts, just to check on the competition.  I was truly suprised to see how many of you have put favorable comments on e-ham and other similar web sites. Others have mentioned our mounts and put links on their web pages without my asking, and have given us favorable comments. Still others like Anaheim, Phoenix, and Atlanta HRO, and Las Vegas Amateur Electronic Supply (AES) Stores have recommended our mounts, even though I don't sell through their stores (YET). Manufacturers like Tarheel and HI-Q have also worked with me to help in developing mounts for some of their antennas.


UN-DRILLED ANCHOR BOLTS - Most trucks have openings in the interior of the stake pocket that will allow your coax to exit the pocket without using our drilled anchor bolt. Unless otherwise specifically requested, the mounts will always be shipped with solid anchor bolts. Check inside the stake pocket. Some trucks have open spaces in the stake pockets at several locations. Others have a 1/2" opening just under the top of the stake pocket opening. Remember that the HF mount is 0.6" thick on the top, so you need enough room to route the coax out the upper hole. 

The open sides of the mount block face the truck bed and the outside of the truck on our 1.35"x1.95" mounts ('A' model mounts for Ranger, Mazda, Pre-2000 Chevy and Tundra Mounts). All other mounts open to the front and rear of the truck.  If there is an opening to route your coax out, you can use the undrilled anchor bolt. You will find it much easier to install the anchor bolt from under the truck using standard socket wrenches (and some long extensions). The Mazda installation story by W4HH is a great reference, and shows how easy it is to route the coax out of the Mazda stake pocket. Installation in other trucks may not be as easy as the Mazda/Ranger.

INSTALLATION PICTORIAL for MAZDA  TrucksW4HH has a 4 page web site showing the installation of his entire mobile radio station in a MAZDA pickup. In addition to the radio installation inside the truck, he shows installation of the coax and our antenna mounts. You will learn a lot about our mounts on his pages.  He describes a grounding problem he had, but this has been cured on more recent models of the mount. The inside top of the mount now has an un-anodized area where the ground connection is established. The anchor bolt that holds the mount in place achieves a positive ground by removing paint from the bottom of the stake pocket, and using the star washer. The anti-corrosion compound, either the one he recommends, or the axel grease that I use, provide long term protection from corrosion.

UN-MODIFIED SO-239 CONNECTOR - Our larger mount are now supplied with an UnModified SO-239 connector. That's the SO-239 with the coax joining on the side of the connector. This configuration works with all of our mounts larger than 1.35"x1.95". You save $4.00 on the cost of the optional modified connector.

The Modified Adaptor is supplied with the mount when required for installation. It is easier to install this version with the undrilled anchor bolt.

PHONE: Please call my Cell  Phone  at (714) 403-2026. I work during the day, but I am often free to talk. I'll gladly answer any technical questions you may have, and take your order if I'm not driving. I'm also available in the evenings until 8:00 Pacific Time.  The best way to place an order is to send our fax/mail order form to (949) 548-8885. I will contact you by email when I receive your fax, and let you know availability and probable shipping date.

Order forms for Insulators and Mounts - I now use PayPal's Money Request system for payment. It don't have a secure connection for online orders because it is not available from my web site host. Download order forms for Mounts and Insulators by clicking the links at the beginning of this paragraph.  Fill out the form and mail or fax it to me. Be sure to fill in as much of the data as possible, particularly the stake pocket depth. Let me know which color you want if you are ordering Delrin Insulators (Black or White).

Note: Please include the word 'mounts'
in the subject line when emailing us....

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