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Antenna Mount Details

MODEL HF1-x - HF Mount with 3/8" Coupling Nut
The Model HF1-x Antenna Mount has a standard 1.2" long 3/8"-24 coupling nut. It accepts most common HF antennas such as Huslter, Ham-Stick, Outbacker, CB, or any other antenna with a standard 3/8"-24 mounting thread. It also works with some VHF antennas, including 1/4 wave and colinear antennas with 3/8"-24 threads. The HF1-x mount is 6.25" long, uses solderless connectors for attaching the center and ground leads of the cable to the mount.
Price $74.95

MODEL HF2-x - Shortened HF Mount with 3/8"-24 Coupling Nut
The Model HF2-x Antenna Mount is made from the HF1-x mount by removing 1/2 inch from the bottom of the mount block. It is 5.75 inches long. It uses the same 3/8"-24 coupling nut. Solderless connectors are used to attach the center and ground leads of the cable to the mount.
Price $74.95

MODEL VHF1-x - VHF Mount with SO-239 Connector
Our VHF1-x mount uses a  high quality, in-line, SO-239 connector. Installation is similar to our other mounts, and SWR results are outstanding. This mount can be used with almost all currently available VHF and UHF antennas having this type of base. The threads on this mount are Metric, and fit Diamond, Comet and most brands of VHF/UHF antennas. One MFJ antenna was found to have SAE threads, and cannot be used with this mount. I encountered this only once in the 5 years we have been selling mounts, and now MFJ antennas have metric threads. The VHF1-x is a perfect match for the Kenwood ATAS-100 HF antenna!  
Price $74.95

MODEL VHF2-x - VHF Mount with NMO Connector
Our VHF2-x mount has a  high quality NMO connector. This adaptor fits any antenna with the standard Motorola NMO connector.
Price $74.95

MODEL SM1-x and SM2-x - Grounded Stud Mount
The Model SM-1 mount is our standard mount block, modified by the tapping of the top adaptor mounting hole, and inserting a common EZ-LOK adaptor for 3/8"-24 thread bolts. A 3/8"-24 grade 8 bolt with lock-washer and flat washer is threaded from inside the mount, through the top mounting hole, and tightened in place. This leaves about 1/2" of threaded stock outside the top of the mount. This mount is used for some (grounded base) screwdriver antennas which use single point (no mid-mast support) mounting. By attaching our standard 3/8"-24 coupling nut, the antenna can be used to hold masts for any purpose. It is a also a perfect grounded base for loop antennas such as the KB6KQ loops for 440, 2m, etc.
Price $74.95

MODEL ISM-1 - Screwdriver and Motorized Antenna Mount
The Model ISM-1 mount is our standard HF mount block, and 2/3"-32 hardware.  However, the antenna mounting bolt is longer, and a Delrin Insulator (1.5" o.d. by 0.5" high) with threaded 3/8"24 inside hole provides a wide base for any screwdriver antenna capable of being supported by a single poing base mount.  Our pattented design holds the mount securely in the stake pocket of your truck, and gives the best support available for your antenna. 
Price $74.95

All GeoTool Pickup Truck Antenna Mounts are designed to anchor securely into the stake pocket of your pickup truck. A 9/16" anchor bolt is inserted from beneath the stake pocket hole up and into the threaded base of the mount. A star lock-washer, and removal of a small amount of paint from the bottom of the stake pocket, results in an excellent ground for the mount. Access for the coaxial cable is obtained by routing the cable through the center of a drilled 9/16" anchor bolt. On some trucks, this is the only way to route the coax. On many other trucks, the coax may be routed out the side of the mount and through openings inside the stake pocket. This is a useful method of routing coax on some newer trucks, which have limited wrench access to the bottom of the stake pocket.

Coaxial cable recommended for use with the mounts is standard 0.240 inch diameter RG-8X mini cable. It provides a good match for most 52 ohm antenna installations. Coaxial cable and PL-259 connector are not presently supplied with the antenna.

GeoTool Antenna Mounts should fit most stake pockets with minimal shimming at the top of the stake pocket opening. Be sure to measure the depth of all stake pockets on your truck before ordering. Stake pocket hole depths vary greatly, even on the same truck. Our
SIZE GUIDE and RULERS may hlep in measuring stake pockets.  

Some shimming of the top of the mount, using common plastic electrical tape, is suggested to stabilize the mount, and protect the paint on the inside of the stake pocket lip. Additional shimming materials are provided with mounts in case your stake pocket opening is too large for just the electrical tape.

It may be necessary to slightly enlarge the existing bolt hole in the bottom of the stake pocket to allow the 9/16" bolt to fit properly. This can be accomplished using a round file, or a drill. Some newer trucks, and many older Dodge and Toyota trucks require drilling a 5/8" hole in the bottom of the stake pocket.

GeoTool Antenna Mounts fit trucks with straight sided stake pockets. Tapered stake pockets, sometimes found in the center of long-bed trucks, will not allow the mount to enter properly. Also, some pre 2000 Dodge trucks have obstructions caused by flanges from round openings punched in the interior of the stake pocket which protrude into the pocket. These would need to be ground off for the mounts to fit, or the mount would need to be milled to allow it to slip past the obstruction. I am working on a modification for these mounts. Check your stake pockets carefully. Fords often have tapered holes in the center of the long bed truck. Be sure to check all dimensions carefully prior to ordering to ensure a proper fit.


  • Dimensions:

Length: 6.25 inches to 5.75 inches depending on model 
TopDimensions - Variable - See Size guide for dimensions
Corners are rounded to fit each make of truck

  • Materials:

Body: 6061-T6 Alluminum with clear annodized finish
Top mounting bolt: Stainless Steel, 3/8x24 bolt
Bottom mounting bolt: Stainless Steel, 9/16x18 bolt drilled to 0.28 inches
Connectors: Solderless connectors for HF, S0-239 or NMO for VHF/UHF
HF Insulators: Nylon shoulder washers
Prices (U.S. Dollars):  All mounts are $74.95

Shipping: $5.00 for one or two mounts, $10.95 for three or more mounts
(USPS Priority Mail Small or Medium Box)

  • MEASURE STAKE POCKET DIMENSIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE ORDERING! This is very important because I send just enough spacer washers to fit the stake pockets on your truck. Depth may vary as much as 2 inches between trucks. 2011 Ford trucks are almost always 2" deep, except for one model with last years bed.


I really appreciate any and all user feedback. Over the years user ideas have resulted in our use of several size mount blocks, stainless steel fittings, and the slot on the side of the mount for coax side-exit installation, and modifications to the Toyota mounts to  accommodate interior stake pocket anomalies.