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The 'TEXAS BUGCATCHER' tamed.........

This is John Again,

I finally got around to installing the mount that Sam at Wireless Products in Tampa sold me.  Sam not only demonstrated the mount, but locked the door and gave me a first hand demo.  "Who says service in ham radio is dead"?

In my installation I had to enlarge the hole for the bottom mounting bolt. And I used black RTV as the shim.  I recommend RTV as an alternative to other things.

I know you are furnished with solderless connectors, but SOLDER!  This is RF!!

The TEXAS Bug Catcher was no match for this mount!!!  THE MOUNT WAS BETTER!!!
    I did have to drill and tap a ground mount for the matching coil....!!! (Note: Modifications can be made to our mounts, such as including drilled and tapped holes, or larger top openings, to accomodate different mounts.

Signal reports....typically S9 on 75 and 40 Meters

email for other War Stories...I'm sold

73  John WA4__


I installed the unit I got from you on my personal vehicleI installed the unit I got from you on my personal vehicle (Chevy 1500) and it worked out very well, with the exception that I was forced to enlarge the hole in the bottom of the stake pocket (right rear mounting) to accommodate the drilled bolt.  I am using a HUSTLER 75m resonator on a 22" mast that I threaded 3/8-24 as the 54 inch HUSTLER mast broke a lot of branches in my neighborhood.

Sam - NR4A
Wireless Products
14918 North Florida Avenue
Tampa, FL 33613

Good morning Rick,

The (VHF-UHF) antenna works great!! VSWR is very good. I wrote down the reading, but for the life of me I can't find that stupid paper.

It works better than the glass mount I used on the old truck. I was pleasantly surprised when I tested one repeater about 60 miles away. I was in my carport making some tests, (the tests I can't find the paper for) and I gave my call sign as testing and an acquaintance of mine called right back and said "your full quieting Hal". I was very pleased because I was always scratchy into that repeater.

Everyone that has seen the installation loves the mount.

I'll listen to the noon time net today, maybe we can hook up.

73... Hal

Hi Rick,

Just wanted to let you know that the mount fits the truck great. You have come up with a quality product that fits a definate need. Thanks again.

Oak Ridge, TN 


I received the package the other day (geotool for the FORD F150) in the mail. Finally got around to install it. Went in real slick with no difficulties. The shims that you supplied worked well. I now have my OUTBACKER on it and works better than I could have imagined. I don't have to move the stinger at all like before. The SWR from 80 - 12 m is between 1:1 and 1.7:1 with 17m and 12m flat for the band. 10M is 2.0:1 but works fine with the tuner inline. The first afternoon I was out driving (yesterday) I heard 9V8UV but went into a hole before I could work him.

Thanks alot...great mount



FYI-- Worked great without modification. I just returned Monday from vacation... Put about 3000 miles on it, and still 100%

Thanks, de W0*** 


They arrived on Friday, as you predicted. They are great, and fit well. I don't yet have both in service, but I'm sure there won't be any problems. Thanks for all of your help and assistance.



The HF mount you sent me a couple of weeks ago fits perfectly in the left rear stake hole of my MAZDA. Nice job on the machine work too, it looks great and very durable........

It has been installed and is working fine. I had no trouble making the 5/8" hole with a chassis punch, fortunately everything is easily accessible by removing the tail-light assembly. I should mention, however, that the mount you sent does not fit the front stake holes. That would be a poor location for an antenna anyway...

The corners fit into the front hole with no problem, it just wouldn't go all the way down. At least an inch was sticking out. I guess the alignment with the bottom plate wasn't quite right. You would probably need to make the bottom of the mount taper down to get it to fit properly.

Again, it worked fine in the rear holes with a couple of washers underneath, so I don't see a big problem.

I'm using "HAMSTICKS" on 20, 17, and 10 meters with a spring at the base. No problem whatsoever getting them to resonate by simply trimming the top whip. Now I just need to quiet down some of the RFI sources in the truck... the noise level goes to S7 when I start the engine!

Thanks again, and best wishes for success with your products!


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