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For Vehicles with Stake Pockets
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The antenna mount design so unique
it has been awarded a patent!


Our heavy duty PICKUP-TRUCK ANTENNA MOUNTS were developed to provide AMATEUR, CB, and COMMERCIAL radio operators with a very strong, easily installed antenna mount for several types of antennas.

Heavy antennas and off-road driving put significant strain on light-weight antenna mounts. Relatively strong "ball" mounts require drilling 3 holes in the body of your vehicle. However, these permanently damage your exposed sheet metal, and can eventually cause fatigue of the body panel. GeoTool Antenna Mounts take advantage of the added strength of the stake pocket holes, which are designed to handle large racks for transporting equipment and materials. Our mounts are inserted into the stake pocket, and anchored to the bottom of the stake pocket by a 1/2" or 9/16" bolt .  GeoTool mounts will endure rugged off road conditions, and will easily cope with modern freeway and turnpike driving. A few of the largest and heaviest "Screwdriver" type antennas may not be suitable due to the extreme weight (up to 18 pounds) and moment loading they create within the stake pocket. I have never had a mount returned because a stake pocket internal bracket broke. However, most of the medium and small size screwdriver antennas work fine.

Your new GeoTool Antenna Mount will eliminate the need to drill holes in the exterior body of your truck, and will maintain a mounting location optimal for long distance communications. Many trucks already have a hole drilled in the bottom of the stake pocket. However, you may not find this hole on some Dodge, Toyota, Mazda, and Ford Ranger trucks. These trucks will accept the mount but may 1/2" or 5/8" diameter hole inside the bottom of the stake pocket to accomodate the anchor bolt. Drilling this hole is not as difficult as it may sound. Further the hole does not damage the exterior of the truck, and is completely invisible from the outside of the truck when the mount is removed.

Our mounts are made in several sizes to fit the bigger stake pockets on later model trucks without the need for large spacers on newer Chevy, Toyota and Dodge trucks. They also fit all Ford trucks, including Ranger and the New Thunderbolt.  All mounts require minor shimming at the top to provide a snug fit. Shimming materials are provided (except for plastic electrical tape).  We do not have a mount for the Nissan Titan at this time.

If you drive a late model CHEVROLET, GMC, FORD, TOYOTA or DODGE full-size pickup truck, or a MAZDA, FORD RANGER or FORD THUNDERBOLT you will appreciate the durability and sophistication of the new GeoTool Pickup-Truck antenna mount!

GeoTool supplies the two most common SO-239 (Model VHF1-x) or NMO (Model VHF2-x) connector for all trucks. They have a low SWR (Note: the SO-239 version is has a slightly better SWR above 2m) . The SO-239 version is a perfect match for the Yaesu ATAS-100 HF SCREWDRIVER ANTENNA!!!  Either adaptor fits the same mount block, so if you need a different mount for a new antenna, you need only purchase a new adaptor. 

The GROUNDED-STUD MOUNTS, models SM1-x (6.25" long) and SM2-x (5.75" long) have a 3/8"-24 bolt threaded securely into the top opening of the mount, and will support some SCREWDRIVER ANTENNAS designed for grounded SINGLE POINT BASE MOUNTING.  The mount is NOT to be used with antennas requiring an insulated connection at the base. LOOP ANTENNA users will also enjoy the strength and versatility of the grounded stud mount. It can be fitted with a 3/8"-24 coupling nut for use with common masts. On our photo page we have a picture of a KD6KQ 2m loop antenna on a Hustler mast.

Our Insulated Screwdriver Mount comes with a 1/2" thick Delrin Insulator for mounting the antenna directly to the mount. A 3/8"-24 threaded stud extends from the top of the mount for this purpose.  

Owners of antennas such as the TEXAS BUG CATCHER, OUTBACKER, OR ANY SYSTEM WITH A GROUNDED COIL LOADING DEVICE will appreciate our mounts with pre-drilled 8-24 holes on top for attaching coils and ground leads.  Now there is a mount made for your antenna!!

Click on each of the photographs below to see full size pictures for more detail:

Click on these three Patent Drawings of antenna mount for more detail:

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