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Full Quarter Wavelength Portable Antenna!
(pat. pend.)

A New Design in Antenna Construction
Rapid Assembly (<1 min.) - Portable - Light Weight - No External Fittings

Photo Descriptions

The mount shown in the photos is a Delrin Insulator, made 10 years ago by GeoTool. It is designed to work with the antenna coupler that I use mobile with a cb whip. Normally the new antenna is attached to a standard, heavy duty antenna base. .

In the photograph to the right, the connectors are shown with their tapered design. The rounded piece at the top of the antenna keeps water out.
The same connectors that hold the antenna on the right are used below with clear plastic tubing instead of aluminum. This shows the shape of the aluminum couplers and how they hold the antenna together using gravity.

The base of the antenna, shown below and to the right, made of stainless steel to  provide strength to hold the antenna.

The New GeoTool Portable Antenna

The 20m version of the GeoTool Portable Antenna is shown mounted on a pickup truck. The 3/8"-24  base connector adapts easily to many available antenna mounts and portable stands. Full quarter wavelength antenna maximizes signal strength. Easily configured on 20m through 2m 80m, 60m, and 40m are tuned with Hustler or other resonators on top of two mast sections. The 12' high antenna is a significant improvement over the standard 4' long mobile mast. 

A new design in couplers allows the 6' sections to be assembled in less than a minute. Band changes are just as fast. The couplers have no external clamps or pins. The weight of the antenna and coupling sections to hold it together. The couplers are tapered between the sections so the antenna is smooth from top to bottom.

 This 16.5' 20m version is the original design. The tubing sizes are small, 5/8", 1/2" and 3/8" diameter. However, the special connectors (patent pending) can be made to fit any reasonable combination of tubing sizes. The smaller diameter connectors are less expensive to manufacture, and the antenna has less wind resistance.

Shown below is a short demo version of the antenna using full size connectors: 


The base connector is shown below, with the 3 sections of tubing used for the 20m version of the antenna. 

Antenna Setup

Setting the antenna up is relatively simple. First you attach the base section to a stand, or other 3/8"-24 mount. Then put the couplers into the pieces of tubiing as shown below. Then, keeping the sections at an angle, slip the sections together. Then hole the bottom section, balance it vertically, and drop it onto the base.


General Information

The antenna can be used at frequencies from 80m to 440 mhz. The antenna will be available with pre-cut sections to work on 20m to 2m, or just the bands that you like best. The tubing can be cut, if necessary, with a good quality tubing cutter. It should be filed carefully to make the cut flat, and all burrs removed. Use fine sandpaper to remove only the burr on the outside of the tubing. The antenna comes cut to the low end of each ham band. The 20m version of the antenna should work well with a single set of guy wires at 12 feet. A washer for guy lines will be provided.

For lower bands, 80m and 40m, you can use a resonator made by other manufacturers. A short piece of 3/8" round bar stock, with a one end tapped 3/8"-24, to match to Hustler resonators. The whip is shortened slightly, for resonance. Simply drop the 3/8" brass connector into the top of the second section of tubing. At 12' above ground, this antenna works better than a 4 foot long base.

Design and Other information

 I wanted a rapidly deployed portable antenna for fixed-mobile use when traveling or for my field day operations. RV'ers, field day, campers, even hikers and DXpeditions, will find the antenna very useful. A Park bench will work nicely if you have a sturdy clamp to mount the antenna with. Most radios seem to have tuners in them, so you should be able to get going rather quickly.

This antenna has been tested and works very well at the maximum signal I am able to produce, 200W. It is strong enough to withstand light winds. I have not had it break yet in 20 mph winds. The 20m version of the antenna should work well with a single set of guy wires at 12 feet. 

As with any portable antenna, it is best to have a good radial system. When attached to a vehicle, there is some ground effect. However, a simple radial system is recommended. There are many mounts and portable stands on the market that can serve as a base for the antenna. For best results, it is important to mount the antenna a minimum of 4 feet above ground, and have the radials also a minimum of four feet above ground.

Send Comments or Pre-Order

Please write to me if you have any comments about the antenna. Also, for the first run, I'd like to have some pre orders. No deposit, just tell me you want an antenna, and when they are ready, I will email you to see which frequencies you would like to use, and then I'll send you a PayPal money request for payment. a few antennas. I am not sure of the price. I am inquiring about machining costs and will post the price soon.
Please send email to "".

Thank you for looking.


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